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Focus on Undernutrition Focus on Undernutrition

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Focus on Undernutrition (FoU) has published in numerous magazines, journals and newspapers, including:

British Journal of Community Nursing
BJCN_Undernutrition June 2010.pdf
National Health Executive
National Health Exec/NHE (page 5).pdf
10 key characteristics of good nutritional care
10 key characteristics of good nutritional care - all settings.pdf
Factsheet 7 - care planning.pdf
County Durham and Darlington NHS clinical policy on undernutrition in adults
Policy undernutrition in adults.pdf
High Impact Actions (Institute of Innovation and Improvement
3.Keeping nourished pg 17-23.pdf
3.Keeping nourished.pdf
Nutrition Now Campaign (Royal College of Nursing)
Nutrition Now - examples of pilots.pdf
HND (Health Network Dietitians)
NHD Clinical article.pdf
CN (Clinical Nutrition magazine)
Focus_Undernutrition CN 2011.pdf
NAGE article CN 2002.pdf
In Touch (BAPENís magazine)
BAPEN intouch_2002 - page 6.pdf
BAPEN intouch_2009 - page 3.pdf
In Touch bapen - pg10_11.pdf
Executive summary of Focus on Food
Executive summary.pdf
Northern Echo
Northern Echo article 2.pdf
Northern Echo article p20 16.3.11.pdf
Other Publications
Darlington town crier sep08 - page 17.pdf
Hosptial Caters 2007 - page 7.pdf