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Focus on Undernutrition Focus on Undernutrition

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Focus on Undernutrition has spoken at over 25 national conferences during the past five years. Focus on Undernutrition has also undertaken media work with the BBC and ITV. National conferences which FoU has presented included:

  • Focus on Undernutrition
  • BAPEN (British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)
  • British Dietetic Association
  • Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum
  • Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Primary Care Live
  • Healthcare Events
  • Postgraduate course for nutrition and the older person (NAGE)
  • Leeds Clinical Nutrition Course

Copies of recent presentations Focus on Undernutrition has delivered at conferences can be downloaded below:

Focus on Undernutrition

Title of conference: Launch of Focus on Undernutrition e-learning and website (March 2012)

Download presentation

BAPEN (British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)

Title of conference: Malnutrition Matters (Nov 2010, Harrogate)

Download presentation

British Dietetic Association

Title of conference: Food, feeding and malnutrition (June 2010, Aviemore)

Download presentation

Capita’s National Conference

Title of conference: Improving nutritional care (May 2010, London)

Download presentation

Focus on Undernutrition open day

FoU hosted an open day in March 2011 to launch the availability of the service nationally.

Download presentation 1

Download presentation 2

Download presentation 3

Download presentation 4

Download presentation 5

Nursing in Practice

Title of conference: Tackling undernutrition from a regional perspective (April 2011, Newcastle)

Download presentation

No More Needless Malnutrition

Title of conference: Tackling undernutrition strategically (September 2011, Newbury)

Download presentation

Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum

Title of conference: Improving nutrition in hospitals, in social care and in the community (March 2011, London)

Download presentation