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How to Determine height if unable to stand

To complete 'MUST' a height is needed, this together with a present weight allows you to determine a body mass index (BMI).

If an individual is unable to stand you can determine their height by measuring their ulna length (forearm).

The ulna video below explains how to determine an individual's height from their ulna length:

To practice determining an individual's height from ulna length, complete the ulna activity sheet.

To convert an ulna length to height download an ulna conversion chart.

'MUST' alternative measurement tape

Focus on Undernutrition developed the award winning 'MUST' alternative measurement tape, which is endorsed by BAPEN.

Each individual tape contains a tape measure to determine the individual's ulna length and an ulna conversion chart to determine their height.

The 'MUST' tapes are available in books of 20 perforated tapes from Focus resources.