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Focus on Undernutrition Focus on Undernutrition

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NHS Community services

The Focus on Undernutrition community training:

  • designed for all healthcare staff working in NHS community services, such as nurses, matrons, healthcare assistants, allied health professional
  • provides the knowledge and understanding required to identify and treat undernutrition in adults living in the community
  • accredited by the Teesside University as a level 4 certificate (10 credits) and endorsed by BAPEN (British Association for Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition)
  • a one day interactive master class delivered by a dietitian, where delegates complete a workbook, which mirrors organisational guidelines
  • learning outcomes have been mapped against the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)
  • successful completion of the module contributes towards demonstration of achievement of the KSF core dimensions C4: Service improvement and C5: Quality and the specific dimensions HWB1 and HWB2

Course aims

To enable delegates to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to identify and treat undernutrition in adults within a community setting.

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Identify patients at risk of undernutrition using 'MUST' nutritional screening tool both paper and electronic formats
  • Explain suitable treatments for patients identified as moderate and high risk of undernutrition
  • Understand how to measure a patient’s height using ulna length and measure a mid-arm upper circumference
  • Understand when to use and how to monitor nutritional supplements
  • Implement their professional responsibilities in regards to the clinical policy on the ‘The identification and treatment of undernutrition in adults’