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Focus on Undernutrition Focus on Undernutrition

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Care Homes

The Focus on Undernutrition care home training:

  • designed for all healthcare staff working in care homes for older people
  • providing knowledge and understanding required to identify and treat undernutrition in care homes for older people
  • provides quality standards for the implementation of FoU
  • accredited by Teesside University as a level 4 certificate (10 credits)
  • endorsed by BAPEN (British Association for Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition)

The training is delivered as a two hour workshop in the care home, followed by the completion of a open learning workbook (4-5 hours).

Download a PDF of our Focus on Undernutrition service in care homes Powerpoint presentation.

Course aims

To enable staff to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to identify and treat undernutrition in adults within an elderly care home.

Course content

  • Introduction to the Focus on Undernutrition in care homes
  • The nutritional needs of older people in care homes
  • The impact of undernutrition in the elderly care homes
  • Policy and national guidance on the identification and treatment of undernutrition in adults
  • The identification and monitoring of undernutrition using 'MUST'
  • Alternative measurements for monitoring height and weight
  • Development of nutrition care plans
  • The prevention and treatment of undernutrition using a food first approach
  • The appropriate use and monitoring of nutritional supplements
  • Good practice guidance for monitoring residentís dietary intakes
  • Completing a dietary assessment
  • Appropriate referral to a registered dietitian
  • Homes are provided with the resources to enable the implementation of Focus. The homes are audited annually against the quality standards. A certificate is reissued annually if the home fulfils these quality standards.

    The catering staff attend a six week specialist catering course on menu planning and special diets for older people.