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Focus on Undernutrition Focus on Undernutrition

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Care Home Catering Course

The Focus on Undernutrition catering course:

  • designed for catering staff and managers of care homes for older people
  • a unique six session course on menu planning and special diets in elderly care homes
  • each session divided in to a theory based workshop and a practical session preparing and sampling dishes
  • sessions last 3½ hours
  • coursework and quizzes are completed weekly

The topics covered by the course are:

  • Session 1: Basic nutrition and menu planning for older people
  • Session 2: Diets for older people with diabetes
  • Session 3: High calorie, high protein diets (fortified diets)
  • Session 4: Altered consistency diets (soft and pureed)
  • Session 5: Thickened fluids and pureed snacks. Nutrition and dementia
  • Session 6: Constipation and high fibre diets. Portfolio development

Download a PDF of our Focus on Undernutrition Service Specialist Catering Course Powerpoint presentation.

Homes have reported that changes made as a result of the course have resulted in:

  • empowering cooks to apply the knowledge learnt during the weekly sessions
  • weight gain in residents who had previously lost weight
  • reduction in dysphagia associated problems
  • improvements in menus for clients with diabetes and those requiring a pureed or soft diet

Feedback from delegate about the course:

“After the pureed week the home manager and I reviewed the need for residents on pureed diets. We identified several residents should have been on soft and within a week they started to gain weight, the first time since admission to the home!”

“It was great that the course had the balance of learning new information with the hands on practical cookery. The information from the workshop clicked into place during the cookery session”

“I really enjoyed the course. It was great to meet cooks from different care homes and discuss other methods of doing things. I have got a lot out of the course – I am using some of the recipes given. My residents are starting to gain weight! Thank you”.

“I have found the course very good and have taken away a lot which I have been able to implement within my care home. I am glad I had the opportunity to do this and would recommend it to anyone.”

“I think the course has been very beneficial. Not only has the written work been of use but the practical side has shown me stuff I never knew about pureed diets and what is available to make it look attractive. I would recommend this course to anyone in the future if they are new into working in a care home like I am. Thank you.”